How to Acquire: Cron Castle

Reward: Worker Vitality: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

The ceiling of the Keep of Cron Castle collapsed with a thunderous sound. Two men emerged from the plumes of smoke.

“You’re destroing the entire castle. This is why I told you we should use the door.”

“And what if Caphras gets away while we are running through this maze? That slipery, stinking lowlife…

See? We’re right on time.”

“You idiot, he’s not here! Damn it all, he must have run away and escaped.”

As the dust settled, they caught a glimpse of a figure on the floor and immediately became silent. It was clearly in distress, twisting as if it was in extreme pain. But something was wrong.

The figure’s muscles were swelling to a monstrous size, then shrinking to almost nothingness. Its limbs kept stretching out and suddenly started to shorten. These grotesque changes were repeating, the two men stared at the figure in fascinated horror.

“Who was he that Caphras performed such cruel alchemy on?”

Just as he finished speaking, a glint of gold neaer the writhing figure caught his eye. He gestured to his companion. They edged closer and, looking down at the royal crown, realized what — or who — the figure on the floor once was.