How to Acquire: Cron Castle Entrance, near the Entrance to the Patrol Route

Reward: Max HP: 2

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

Before the tragedy, Balenos possessed wealth comparable to Calpheon and was often depicted as paradise on Earth. Now, more than half of the castle has fallen to ruins, and no traces of the past glory can be found.

Cron Castle is one of the greatest mysteries of all times, attracting the interest of many historians.

That is because the fact that Balenos was a thriving and powerful nation can be seen in various literature, but the reason behind the fall of Balenos has not been documented anywhere and is nowhere to be found.

Even the story of the Immortal Alchemist was considered as just an exaggerated tale with a moral lesson.

But since the discovery of the Mural of Prophecy in the Ancient Stone Chamber prophesying the future of Cron Castle, the story of Bartali III and the Immortal Alchemist has been brought back into the spot-light.