How to Acquire: Cron Castle Patrol Route, Alchemist's Room

Reward: Attack: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

Until the intervention of Calpheon, the people of Balenos served many gods. Various altars dedicated to different gods could be found all over Balenos, however, they were all destroyed and no traces of it can be found.

What’s left are remains of the Altar of Agris, dedicated of course to Agris, the God of Abundance. From this we can get an idea of how the people of Balenos served their gods at the time. Even today, a small festival is held in Velia once a year celebrating good harvest in the name of Agris.

Like most gods of darkness who are depicted as death, Hadum also governed night and everything related to darkness.

Greed, immortality and sadness are also governed by him, and he said to be one of the most powerful gods.

Interestingly, shrines dedicated to Hadum were never built, which is because funerals themselves were rituals for Hadum. In Balenos, it was customary to hang pictures of Hadum on the outer walls of the house during a funeral, guiding him to the right house.

According to mythology, the Goddes of Hearth picks out a baby to gift a couple, the Goddes of Destiny determines the baby’s future, and the God of Darkness decides when the baby returns to darkness, meaning death. When the day is decides, he marks the date on the baby with a sign, which is the philtrum. People believed that deeper the philtrum is, the longer you lived, and people even wore makeup to make the philtrum seem deeper.

The people of Balenos believed that Hadum can overhear everything one says through the philtrum, therefore one must be careful of what they say, and bear in mind that death is always near.