How to Acquire: Heidel, fountain square

Reward: Attack: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

The young and politically powerful Jordine seized command of Heidel and quickly stabilized Serendia. Still, not everyone has accepted him.

The mood has worsened since Jordine levied heavy taxes on the populace despite the fact that the Serendian economy was still reeling from the war.

Jordine stated that it was for the good of Serendia, which is the will of the people. Anyone that opposed this view were punished severely.

Domongatt carefully brought up the issue that these measures have been too harsh towards the poor citizens that are still recovering and are in no condition to pay taxes.

However, Jordine has refused to listen, stating Calpheon must be experiencing the same difficulties.

When Serendia learned of this, rumors began to spread about another possible war against Calpheon, and resistance to Jordine’s rule has increased.