How to Acquire: Altar of Agris, near the Imp Researcher Uno

Reward: Worker Dexterity: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

There was once a small Imp child who was always the subject of ridicule due to his red nose.

When he was about five years old, a man in a black outfit approached him asking if he wanted to be stronger. But all he cared about was his red nose, and the man in black promised he could solve that problem. He took him to a coastal cave and bestowed upon him great strength. The Imp child grew bigger and became the leader among the Imps, but the man in black had misled him. His red nose remained.

After he rose to power, “red” became a taboo word among the Imps. Yet now humans have become a bigger problem to him. They laugh at him every time they pass by him, saying “Hey, Red Nose!”, or “I think your nose is bleeding!”.

Imps have countless reasons to hate humans. For Red Nose, it was their cruel and thoughtless derision that got him to hate them.