How to Acquire: Cron Castle

Reward: Attack: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

The raging Dark Energy was sealed in the Cron Castle Altar. The screams of Black Spirits attemping to escape the seal echoed painfully in their ears.

Caphras had released so many Black Spirits. There was no doubt that, eventually, the seal would break. Using the young son of Bartali III as a medium, they cast powerful blood magic to ensure that the Black Spirits could not escape Cron Castle, even if the Altar was opened.

One of the figures picked up the young prince and held him close, making soothing sounds at the crying boy. The young child, who had been crying nonstop, soon quieted and fell asleep. The man looked down at the young prince and quietly spoke to his companions.

“Send the child somewhere south. Far away, to an affluent place where it is always warm. So he can live a normal life, without anyone — even the boy himself — knowing that he is a Bartali or prince.”

“By your command. Must this be kept a secret as well?”

“That Caphras escaped from our grasp? Or of the magic placed upon the Bartali blood?”

“Everything. That we were even here.”

“It’s probably best to keep this to ourselves. You will have many more secrets to bury in the future.”