How to Acquire: Western Guard Camp, above Hessenvale's Shop

Reward: Worker Dexterity: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

Cliff os widely considered the greatest modern hero of Heidel. Citizens heatedly debate who will fill the veteran’s shoes when he finally hangs up the sword for good, but the sad truth is that there isn’t anyone to replace him.

“Alugren? He is a peerless general, but is too emotional. Hervano Tito? Well, he certainly has more than enough determination, but he’s way too stubborn and has no foresight. Xaviero Vitello? He’s an excellent leader, but he’s having a terrible time with the Red Orcs. He’s just not a good enough fighter. Ha! If only we could combine the best of these three, we could end all this talk… (sigh).”