How to Acquire: Basilisks' Den, near chest pile behind circular altar

Reward: Attack: 1

Category: Academics

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

Following the study of the use and power of the ornaments of the Bashims, this time I would like to dig into the truth of the petrification spell of Basilisks.

First, the introduction. There is a legend that looking into the eyes of a Basilisk will harden your body like a rock. I found it hard to understand how just looking into their eyes could possibly cause such a thing.

With a scarcity of evidence that this even happens, it may have been an exaggerated story the Basilisks perpetuated themselves to claim some sort of racial superiority.

Basilisks are a cunning species by nature, but if I could curry their favor, I may be able to find out the secrets behind this so-called “petrification”.