How to Acquire: Cron Castle

Reward: Worker Strength: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

“The heavens will punish you even without Ramoness.”

The king tried to speak with dignity, but what Caphras heard was a wimpy voice trembling with fear. Caphras smiled faintly.

“It’s not here, is it.”

He approached Bartali III, who was still crouched on the floor. He flipped the king’s hand so that his palm faced upward and drew something on it.

The king felt something sharp pressing into his flesh, like a needle. He squirmed, but Caphras didn’t even blink an eye. His grasp was unbelievably strong.

“My king, can you see? All these Black Spirits, looking for a body to possess. Aren’t they much more practical than a god that might not actually exist? They’re really obedient little things.

What happens if you become possessed by a Black Spirit? You become neither living nor dead.

Oh, and I haven’t forgot. You said you wanted to become immortal.”

Caphras let go of the king, and Bartali III looked at his palm.

He had enough of a grasp of alchemy to recognize the pattern on his palm to be an alchemy circle. Dread and fear began to cloud his thoughts.

“Congratulations, your Majesty. Your wish has come true. You can sit on this throne for all of eternity if you want, ’till you grow tired.”