How to Acquire: Cron Castle

Reward: Worker Vitality: 1

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

Everything was going as planned. Caphras asked for materials, and Bartali III searched the entire country to find him what he needs.

Sometimes, the material Caphras asked for was disgusting and absurd. There was not enough time, but what he asked for become so ludicrous, it was impossible to obtain.

The king’s assistants started questioning Caphras’s identity and asked for proof that he is in fact the Immortal Alchemist.

“Distrust ruins everything. All of this started when people began to doubt whether I truely am the Immortal Alchemist, so how about this. I will make you, the king, immortal.”

The king became lost in thought. He imagined his old body withering away while his young prince lives on in the glory he worked so hard to obtain.

Comfortable in the king’s arms, the baby prince reached his hand out to Bartali III. His hand was covered in spit. The king, unwittingly, slapped the baby prince’s hand away.

Caphras saw that and smiled at the king.

“That’s okay. Everyone has desires. There’s no need to be ashamed.”

And thus another contract was established.