How to Acquire: Cron Castle Patrol Route, Dead-End

Reward: Foraging EXP Gain: 1%

Category: Adventure

Where Is

Description Upon Receipt

“I have a great idea. I’m sure you will be satisfied with it.”

“Oh? Tell me more about it.”

“Calpheon is a country that worships Elion, the God of Light. I’m sure you must have heard about the story of Valkyrie Ensla. People say she is the daughter of Elion”.

Everyone knew about Ensla’s goldlike swordmanship. She was a living legend. Calpheon often put her forth and claimed that their country was protected by God, and other countries hesitated to go against them.

“It’s quite simple. If they are protected by the God of Light, we just need to call upon a God who is stronger than that.”